Teacup Yorkie Puppies

As one of the leading teacup Yorkie breeders in the USA, we are responsible for rehoming tens of Yorkshire Terrier puppies nationwide to TXPANYCAOHVAIL, NJ, FL, VT, IN, SD, TN, MN, OR, WA and several other states. We have equally provided teacup Yorkie puppies for adoption to a handful of countries internationally. Our teacup Yorkie puppies for sale have been home trained, microchipped and are regularly vet checked. They come alongside accessories and play toys to ensure they settle in nicely into your home. Our Yorkies are socialized from an early stage, with them been familiarized with other pets and children. Our teacup Yorkie puppies for sale have equally been AKC registered and come alongside all papers. Take a look at our teacup Yorkie puppies for sale and make your pick of this amazing breed.


Teacup Yorkie Puppies Breed Information

The teacup Yorkshire Terrier, nicknamed the Yorkie, seems quite full of himself, and why not? With his long silky coat and perky topknot, the toy Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most glamorous representatives of the dog world, sure to attract attention wherever he goes. Because he’s so small he often travels in style — in special dog purses toted around by his adoring owner.

The long steel-blue and tan coat may be the toy Yorkie’s crowning glory, but it’s his personality that truly endears him to his family. Oblivious to his small size (weighing in at no more than seven pounds), the teacup Yorkshire Terrier is a big dog in a small body, always on the lookout for adventure and maybe even a bit of trouble.

Mini Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate towards their people as one would expect from a companion dog, but true to their terrier heritage, they’re sometimes suspicious of strangers, and will bark at strange sounds and intruders. In consideration of your neighbors, it’s important to tone down their “yappiness” and teach them when and when not to bark.

They also can be aggressive toward strange dogs, and no squirrel is safe from them.

Despite their bravado, teacup Yorkshire Terriers have a soft side too. They need lots of attention and time with their family. Long hours of being left alone is not for them. It’s not a good idea to over-protect your toy Yorkie, however; they’ll pick up on your feelings very quickly, and if your actions say the world’s a dangerous place for them, they can become neurotic.

Because of their size, mini Yorkshire Terriers do better with older children who’ve been taught to respect them than with toddlers and small children. They can become snappish if they’re startled or teased.

As long as they get some exercise every day — perhaps a good play session in the living room or a nice walk around the block — toy Yorkies make fine apartment dogs.

No matter what home they live in, they’ll get along with other resident dogs and cats — so long as they were raised with them. Mini Yorkies may become possessive of their owners if a new pet is brought into the house. Being terriers, they may want to challenge the “intruder,” and if a fight breaks out, the terrier spirit is to fight to the death. Take a lot of care when you’re introducing a toy Yorkie to a new animal.

A glamorous coat, small size, spunky personality, and undying loyalty to his people. Is it any wonder that Mini Yorkshire Terriers are the second most popular dog breed in the U.S. today?